An image of the cover of the Identity Matrix Activity Workbook. The top of the image has a blue banner with the top right and bottom left corners cutoff at a 45% angle. In the banner is the title of the workbook in bold titled "Identity Matrix Activity Workbook" with the smaller, non-bolded text "A self-exploration of identities, pain, privilege, and Power" written directly below the title. In the white space below the banner, the authors are identified with the text "By: Mark A. Levand, Ph.D., and Mina L. Beveney, LCSW, M.Ed." Directly below the authors names is a table of squares with 7 rows and 18 columns. The first column has question marks all the way down. Then the rows have an increasing number of green squares before a blue square, symbolizing a matrix format. The image is cut off, insinuating there is more to the matrix.

Identity Matrix Workbook

A workbook that acts as a guide through a deep dive into our varying identities.