Cover of the Identity Matrix Group Activity Lesson Guide. The top if the image as a blue line in the header with the text "Identity Matrix: Exploring Our Identities" in italicized grey font above it. In the center of the image is the title of the text in large, bold, black font that says "Identity Matric Group Activity Lesson Guide" followed by a non-bolded font identifying the author with the text "by Mark A. Levand." At the bottom of the image, there is the text with the heading "Lesson Overview:" followed by the smaller text "This lesson is an introspective look at the identities we hold and what that means to our experience in the world. Through a guided activity called the Identity Matrix, participants will reflect on their own personal experience of their identities. Through guided large group discussion, participants will engage in social learning around the multiplicity of identities and their dynamics in society."

Identity Matrix Group Activity Lesson Guide

A teaching guide for facilitating a short small group activity about the Identity Matrix.